Create Hotmail signature in Hotmail

Creating Hotmail signature helps you express your professionalism of sending email on your Hotmail account. You can use your Hotmail signature in the form of text or images to introduce yourself as well as related information to help the receiver understand you better. Refer to how to create signature in Hotmail below of

Hotmail likes other account such as Gmail or Yahoo mail, each service has its own signature creating feature. If Gmail has creating Gmail signature, Yahoo mail is no exception.

Hotmail and Outlook are also Microsoft account, if you have created Outlook signature and are using Hotmail account, quickly create your own Hotmail signature to introduce information about yourself or the company… so that your friends and partners understand you better.

Create Hotmail signature in Hotmail mail

Step 1: Log in Hotmail.

At the interface, choose the serrated icon -> choose Option

Step 2: Choose Mail -> Choose Email Signature

Step 3: At the creating Hotmail signature interface, you have all the tools to create your signature.


1: Include: font, colour, align the margins…

2: Insert image into Hotmail signature.

3: Choose the automatic Hotmail signature display mode.

Creating Hotmail signature completes -> Choose Save  to save the signature.

Step 4: Now, you back to Hotmail interface and try sending an email -> Hotmail signature has appeared.