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How to Add Recovery Phone Number, Alternate Email in Hotmail

Add or remove a recovery phone number & alternate email in Microsoft account (Outlook / Hotmail) helps to secure your account better. This gives you more ways to recover your password when you forget or lose it. And also make your account more secure.

Add Phone Number or Alternate Email

Step 1: Log in to your Hotmail account. See instructions here.

Step 2: Access the Security settings section at the following link: https://account.live.com/proofs/manage/basic?mkt=en-US.

Or you can access the following way:

  • In the Outlook/Hotmail mailbox, click on the avatar in the top right corner, then select View account.

    Click View account.

  • Click the Security section on the menu.
  • Then click on the Update Info, and re-enter your password.

Step 3: Next, select Add security info.

Now you have 2 options to verify your identity.

Add a Recovery Phone Number

If you want to add a phone number, choose A phone number. Then select your country code (United States ‏(‎+1)) and enter your phone number.

If you want to receive a verification code via text message, select Text or select Call to receive the verification code via the call (You should use Text message).

Cotinue, select Next.

Add Alternate Email in Hotmail

If you want to add a new email to your Hotmail account, select An alternate email address. Then enter the email address you want to add and select Next.

Then, you will receive a code sent to your phone number or email. Enter the code in the field and click Next.

(*) With Phone Number

(*) With alternate email

If you have added a recovery phone number or an alternate email, the screen will display the following:

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